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Q and A

You have Questions, and we have the Answers... hope this helps!


Q - How long does it take for my indieORDER to arrive in my sweet little fingers?

A - indieKIDS has carefully curated amazing products from our preferred overseas manufacturers so that we don't break your bank. This means that orders are shipped direct to you and take around 2 - 4 weeks to arrive. If you score multiple products, note that they may arrive at different times as there are multiple manufacturers. We do not send tracking information as we take care of this for you so you can relax! You are welcome to contact us to receive tracking information if you would like though!!

Please note that we use a tracked shipping service called epacket, which can be followed at USPS. Here are the statistics on how long epacket shipments take to the US, and this is out of our control.

 5-7 days : 5% of shipments

10-15 days : 50% of shipments

16-20 days : 30% of shipments

21-25 days : 10% of shipments

26+ days : 5% of shipments

Q - What are the costs of the mailman / mailwoman?

A - We used to charge for shipping, but recently changed it up - we now offer FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ITEMS FOREVER! How sweet is that?

Q - I received my order and noticed that it came in a boring envelope, where are the frills?

A - Frills, labels, tags and fancy boxes are how the other guys justify charging ridiculous pricing. We let our products do the talking so don't worry about the lack of pizazz here. You may also notice a value on the front label, this is strictly for clearing customs and is often times even lower than our cost - so R E L A X...

Q - Loving my amazing new indieTHREADS, how do I take care of them?

A - Draw a nice cold bath and let air dry, skip the blowdryer... Translation - wash in cold water and hang to dry. You can take a chance and throw it in the dryer, but it's on you!

Q - Sooo.... what happens if I am not in love with what you ship me?

A - If you are unsatisfied with your items, please review our Refund Policy and contact usfor more details. *** Please make sure you look at the sizing charts closely before ordering, and follow our care instructions!

Q - I wanna chat, how do I connect with you?

A - You can email Jane or Tony at, always love making new friends out there! Or check us out on Facebook and Instagram (we are too old for Snapchat or whatever else flavor of the month social media is hot right now...)