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Our Story

Welcome! We are so happy that you're here.  Perhaps you have stumbled upon our site, or perhaps we twisted your arm to get here, either way, we are happy you made it. There's nothing like starting off a new relationship with introductions so let us go first.

We are the Abbouds.  Happily married for 12 years and counting (met in Junior High, but that's a story for another time).  We are parents to two beautiful girls and it's the job we put the most energy and effort into.  

Our family is not your typical family. You'll notice scrolling through our products, that our family perhaps looks different from what you were expecting.  Our family was knit together through birth and adoption and we are so proud of it.  We welcomed our eldest daughter into our lives over 7 years ago and our youngest a few years ago albeit she is three already.  

You'll also notice scrolling through our products that we don't have any gender categories.  This is huge for us.  As advocates for gender equality and true feminists at heart we went out searching for quality goods that could be for boys and girls and everything in between.  

Our store was born out of frustration, mainly from the high costs of hip, trendy kids fashions and accessories.  We know that kids grow in all directions, some faster than others, and we know that cost is always a factor when you consider how quickly a child will outgrow something.  Our fashions and accessories come direct to you from selected manufacturers.  We are always on the hunt for new products, mainly late at night when we both should be sleeping soundly in preparation for those 6am alarms, and vow to continue our search for affordable fashions and trends for kids.

From one indieFamily to another, welcome! 


Jane and Tony